Life Gateways

The three life gateways centre around our specializations at TIME TO SHINE Certified Life Coaching Services.  

Clients can enter a gateway to begin their life coaching journey, enabling them to have a clearer focus right from the start. 

Along their life coaching path, and after achieving their goals in one area, clients may decide to shift their focus to another life gateway until they have realized their ideal life plan.

Holistic Wellbeing

  • Do you take care of yourself?
  • Is there room for improving your self-care?

Explore the unique needs of your mind, body and soul towards improving your holistic wellbeing.

Passion & Purpose

  • Do you know what your passion and purpose are in life?
  • Are they informing your present-day reality?

Rediscover your passion and purpose to create a more meaningful present, by reconnecting with your inner child.

Effective Communication

  • Do you speak your inner truth?
  • Do you communicate effectively with others?

Find your inner voice and learn how to listen to it. Improve your communication skills with others.

Certified Life Coaching Sessions

Step 1: Complete your Coachability Assessment
Complimentary session of 45 minutes

Step 2: Set up your Complimentary Life Coaching Session (telephone or virtual)
Complimentary session of 45 minutes

Booking request

Step 2: Select Life Your Coaching Package

1 Month:4 weeks, 1 hour per week
3 Months:12 weeks, 1 hour per week (5% discount)
6 Months:24 weeks, 1 hour per week (10% discount)

Appointments / packages are booked and paid online by PayPal in advance.

Contact TIME TO SHINE Certified Life Coaching Services for your complimentary 45-minute life coaching session today and ask about rates.