When you notice something, however small, start by saying thank you. Giving thanks can extend to everything – not just to what you receive and to who gives it – but to what just is: Thank you flower, thank you sun, thank you air… Whatever resonates for you. Feel it deeply in your heart, breathe,… Continue reading Gratitude


Setting one foot in front of the other, breath in, breath out, softly treading on the forest floor towards your favourite tree, waiting for your daily visit. Pausing here to look upward, you gently approach the giant greeting you with outstretched arms. Standing in its presence you feel the forest energy circulating, lifting you. How… Continue reading Forest


When you find yourself at that intersection of time and space, at that moment of no-thought, you are one with the universe without knowing it. In this state of flow, you are unaware of everything around you including yourself, you have set your conscious thoughts adrift, while you flow towards a deeper way of being… Continue reading Flow