Coachability Assessment

Is your inner light on a dimmer switch? Are you ready for life coaching?

Working with a Certified Life Coach is a significant investment of time, energy and financial resources. This assessment will help you decide if now is the right time to work with a Certified Life Coach to help you on your path to realizing your goals, dreams and desires.

Please answer the 20 questions below, rating each one on a scale of 1 to 5. Select the number that best reflects your feelings, thoughts and behaviours, by choosing how true each statement is for you.

 1 (less true)  2              3                4              5 (more true)

1. I consider myself a life-long learner and would like to work on improving myself. 
2. I am someone who is interested in further exploring myself and finding out more about my strengths and abilities. 
3. I have dreams, goals and desires that I have not yet reached. 
4. I am willing to make changes and to commit to a step-by-step process of actions steps that I choose, to work towards my bigger goal. 
5. I believe it would be beneficial to work with someone like a life coach, to help me reach my goals, dreams and desires. 
6. I can usually accept feedback in a non-defensive manner. 
7. Some areas of my life are out of balance and I would like to correct this imbalance to feel more fulfilled and content. 
8. I recognize that taking responsibility for myself is part of the self-improvement process.  
9. I value the ability of us as humans to grow and develop and work on living an authentic life. 
10. I would like to get more clarity around my goals, dreams and desires and how to reach them. 
11. When I found out about life coaching, I really liked the idea. 
12. I have a strong desire to make my life simpler, more fulfilling and clearer. 
13. I believe that working with a life coach who can offer an objective view can help me see things from a different perspective. 
14. I am ready now to make a significant investment of time, energy and financial resources to work towards realizing my goals, dreams or desires. 
15. I am willing to make time to work on my own happiness and development, although I may not have done so in the past. 
16. I do not have a psychological disorder (e.g. depression, anxiety or eating disorder) which is untreated. 
17. I tend to be more future-oriented and/or live in the moment, than dwelling on the past. 
18. I can commit to being on time for my life coaching sessions and completing the assignments given by my life coach, even if there is a lot going on in my life. 
19. I understand that a life coach can help me discover my own strengths, solutions and opportunities, but that they will not give me advice. 
20. I know the difference between therapy, consulting and coaching and know that coaching would be the best approach for me right now. 


71 – 100

This score indicates a high likelihood that you are an optimal coaching candidate. You are “very coachable.” You are likely to be someone who is open to feedback and who is willing to take an honest look at yourself. You may not be aware of all of your strengths or capabilities, but could significantly benefit from working with a life coach who can help you identify and build on your strengths and create opportunities for success. You have either done your research about coaching and know what it is and how you can benefit from it, or you are just naturally well matched to being coached. Your willingness to commit to the coaching process and to take action steps to help yourself meet your goals is likely to help you gain a great deal from the coaching process. Your motivation currently appears high and you appear ready to make the investment of your resources into life coaching. If you have been considering hiring a professional life coach, now is an ideal time to do so. A life coach will be fortunate to work with you since you are such a great coaching candidate

70 – 30

This score indicates a high likelihood that you are a good coaching candidate. You may not be completely familiar with life coaching or know exactly how it works, however, you seem to have the natural characteristics that make someone able to benefit from coaching. For instance, you appear to be motivated to making important changes in your life, open to considering different perspectives, and curious about how you can improve yourself. You are also probably sufficiently motivated to work with a professional life coach. We recommend that you do some research about coaching by speaking to life coaches and people who have been coached. Many coaches give a free initial session/ complementary coaching call, so you can take advantage of those and find out whether coaching, therapy, or consultation is the best match for you. Please note that assessment results are not 100% accurate and the true results can vary depending on your situation, so you may be more “coachable” than this summary describes

29 or lower

This score indicates a high likelihood that you are not an optimal life coaching candidate at this point in time. This may be because you are not very familiar with the process of coaching and how it can benefit you or because now is not the right time for you to embark on the process of coaching. Perhaps you not are someone who is naturally goal oriented or who is curious about yourself and your potential. Coaching could actually help you to develop these areas. Therefore, a life coach could help you to best utilize coaching to make important changes. It would be important that your coach know the results from this assessment up front so he or she can tailor the coaching to make it most effective. Some life coaches prefer working with clients who may need more support and are skilled at working on motivation or goal setting. It may also be that working with a trainer, consultant, therapist, or mentor may be a better match for you. It may be a good idea to take advantage of a complimentary coaching call/ session provided by a life coach to help you learn more about coaching and find out whether coaching, therapy, or consultation is the best match for you. Please note that assessment results are not 100% accurate and the true results can vary depending on your situation, so you may be more “coachable” than this summary describes.

Disclaimer: This assessment is not intended to provide a psychological or psychiatric diagnosis and your completion of the test does not indicate a professional counseling or coaching relationship with the creators or administrators of the test. (Adapted from Real Coachability/ Express Coaching).